Chemical Industry

High performance for continuous operation

There's something in the air in the chemical industry. And some things that are swimming with the tide. Because even a tiny amount of dust or dirt particles can ruin an entire batch and disrupt production processes, it is critical to invest in reliable and powerful filter systems. Filtration Group optimizes critical processes with cleverly engineered solutions for the filtration of dry and fluid materials.

With a large portfolio of different high-efficiency filter systems, Filtration Group has something to offer for any applications in the chemical industry. To meet these demanding requirements, all filtration solutions combine the advantages of special materials and well-designed mechanical features. With specialized expertise from decades of development work and an uncompromising focus on the needs of our customers, the result is products that truly deserve to be called "optimal" in all attributes: efficiency, stability, service life.

Automatic filter systems in the chemical industry are best described using superlatives, whether it relates to filtration, precision, robustness or availability. At the same time they are important guarantees of compliance with stringent environmental and safety standards. To keep production processes constantly running and to protect workers from sometimes poisonous materials, many filtration solutions are combined with an automatic cleaning function. Our motto: Putting good ideas into practice to increase profitability and serve people.

Together we are making the chemical industry...

…safer, by developing efficient filter systems that extract highly explosive dust and eliminate potential risks both inside and outside the plant

…healthier, because our self-cleaning automatic filters help prevent direct contact with poisonous substances during the production process

…more productive, because we use highly refined materials, innovative materials and cleverly engineered systems to significantly lengthen change intervals for filters, thereby ensuring smooth operation in every production process over time.


We've got the formula for clean processes

In the chemical industry, powerful products are an indicator of precision, and smooth processes are a catalyst for efficiency in a company. With a wide range of robust systems for filtration of dry and wet materials, Filtration Group ensures the stability, safety and environmental compatibility of chemical production processes. Our filters keep out everything that causes damage: to the company, to people, to nature.


Powder processing

In the processing of powders, a precise separation of the product from materials is just as important as the clean filtering of dust particles. Filtration Group delivers filters in various designs and materials for the different application areas in the chemical industry. The products for use in pneumatic conveyance, for mixing, drying and storing powders are extremely powerful and robust.

Conical and cylindrical filter cartridges

Cleaning units


Flying dust is a common occurrence in the chemical industry. It may be powdery or gluey, harmless or poisonous or even highly explosive, depending on the product being produced. Along with the existing product range with special elements, carrier materials and apparatuses, Filtration Group also develops individual solutions for special application scenarios.

Dedusting devices

Mixer venting filters

Central dedusting units

Conical and cylindrical filter cartridges

Compact filter elements (CFE)

Cleaning units

Cooling and process water treatment

Water is a central element in the chemical industry. It is used as a coolant, as a washing medium or as an ingredient in chemical processes. With its products, Filtration Group covers the full spectrum of needs: from filtration of supplied water, which depending on time of year may be contaminated through environmental influences, to cleaning of industrial wastewater to meet legal requirements.


Back-flushing filters AKO

Back-flushing filters Water

Manufacture and processing of liquids, pastes and similar substances

Automatic filter systems from Filtration Group are extremely robust, contain no consumables and are self-cleaning. This makes them ideal for use in the chemical industry to avoid manual intervention in the production process. In this way they make a valuable contribution to the protection of employee health and to efficient plant operation.

Metal-edge filters

Backflushing filters AF

Hot gas filtration

Hot gas filtration is used in various industrial firms where gases have to be dedusted at temperatures of over 260 degrees Celsius. By also preventing condensation and sublimation, the filter systems prevent rapid wear and tear on the machine parts. Filtration Group uses the proven CERAFIL products in hot gas filtration, such as e.g. the ceramic candle filters.

Ceramic filter elements (CERAFIL)


Effective protection against explosive dust

Resins are ground during the production of adhesives and sealants for the metal packaging industry. The waste product is sticky dust, which is highly explosive. To extract the hazardous dust at weighing and manual workstations, Filtration Group installed a pressure- and shock-resistant dust extractor in the factory hall of a German family-owned company.

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Finger swipes over a tablet

Positive side-effect in printed electronics

Our customer has a large product portfolio of materials and technologies for printed electronics. In the filtration of polymer solutions, the FG automatic backflush filter used offers reliable cleaning of the filter surface by temporary or partial flow reversal. The use of FG‘s technology enabled the concentration of aluminium and silicon to be reduced to 0.00 ppm.

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Filtration of dispersions on a large scale

Polymere binders (=dispersions) are needed today in numerous industries and on all continents. Our customer is the world market leader in this sector and has ordered an automatic metal edge filter (3x AF75S) for the filtration of VAE (vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer), a primary product, for a production plant in South Korea with an annual capacity of 80,000 tons. The optimal development and individualization of the automatic filter ensure optimal operation.

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Glue on wood

Finest work in the chemical industry

One of the main tasks in the manufacture of products such as adhesives, insulating compounds and sealants is the retention and separation of agglomerates from the reactor. To ensure reliable operation for our customers and, in the worst case, to prevent damage to the machines, the Filtration Group supplied an automatic metal-edge filter with optimized bearing points and double action mechanical seal. 

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Safe production of crop protection products

In the manufacture of plant protection products, methyl-phosphonic acid n-butyl ester (MPE) is produced as a precursor for herbicides to combat weeds and root suckers in a sub-step. Process-specific regulations and factory standards require a high level of expertise in adapting the pressure housing. The Filtration Group developed a fully automatic backflush filter for maximum customer orientation.

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Triple-optimized filtration process

When manufacturing paints, our customer originally used basket filters. Solids in the dryer would have reduced the heat transfer at the heating tapes and caused a significantly increased energy demand. In order to optimize filtration, Filtration Group installed a metal-edge filter with back-flushing line and swivel device specially designed for the scenario. Thanks to the automatic cleaning function, 20 batches could pass through the filter before it had to be changed manually. 

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Effective protection against explosive dust

Resins are ground during the production of adhesives and sealants for the metal packaging industry. The waste product is sticky dust, which is highly explosive. To extract the hazardous dust at weighing and manual workstations, Filtration Group installed a pressure- and shock-resistant dust extractor in the factory hall of a German family-owned company.

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Special solutions

Filtration Group offers all filter systems and separation systems as customized solutions. Our experts will be happy to work with you to find the version that best meets the specialized requirements in your work environment.