Food and Pharmaceuticals

Clean processes for a healthy production environment

In food and pharmaceutical industries, precision and cleanliness are paramount: The extreme requirements for cleanliness and precision of processes are reflected in the performance of filter systems in various application areas. In line with technical innovations in the manufacturing process of food and in the production and packaging of medications, Filtration Group works continuously on developing optimal filter systems for specific customer requirements.

Both in the pneumatic conveyance of bulk solids such as salt, sugar or flour, as well as in the mixing, drying and storage of powders in the processing of drugs, flavorings or dairy products, efficient filter systems, cleaning units, filter controls and dedusting equipment from Filtration Group ensure clean and economical processes. The perfect adaption of design and material to the specific application guarantees separation performance at the highest level and in the smallest size. From the individual component to the dedusting system, all systems have the FDA and EU 10/2011 food certification, all filter elements are designed so that there is no dead space where dirt and dust could collect.

For use in the pharmaceutical industry, Filtration Group combines smart systems with powerful filter media to form real powerhouses that deliver reliable results at smallest particle level even at high temperatures and pressure fluctuations. Filter media with PTFE membrane or micro-fiber glass withstand any load and in efficient systems guarantee chemical and thermal resistance and hydrolysis resistance. As in the food industry, all filter elements for the pharmaceutical industry are also approved by FDA and EU 10/2011. The product range covers the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical applications: From tablet manufacturing to the mixing, drying and conveying of sensitive powders such as talcum, to fluid filtration for foodstuffs such as honey or frying oil, filter systems from Filtration Group get the job done for improved process stability, safety and the environment.

Together we make the pharmaceutical and food services industry...

...safer, because our systems deliver visible results, even with invisible particles, in separation performance and thus protect both humans and machines

...healthier, because our filtration solutions deliver on the promise of maximum purity and cleanliness in the manufacturing and processing of food services and pharmaceuticals

...more productive, because our filter media also resist high temperatures and pressure loads over long periods and automatic cleaning functions give our filter systems a long service life.


We have the right formula for eliminating interference in the system

Anywhere it's important to keep dust particles out and powder particles in, filter systems from Filtration Group fit the bill, just as in the filtration of both flavorful and less flavorful fluids. Food-safe sealing systems, efficient air filtration elements, conductive membranes and dead-space-free filter elements are just a few examples of solutions for complex system requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Thanks to a comprehensive product portfolio with FDA and EU 10/2011 food certification and a deep appreciation of the needs of our customers, we offer the right systems for any application scenario.


Powder processing

In the processing of powders, a precise separation of the product from materials is just as important as the clean filtering of dust particles. Filtration Group delivers filters in various forms and materials for the different application areas in the food services industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The products for use in pneumatic conveyance, for mixing, drying and storing powders are extremely powerful and robust.

Filter media

Special filters

Compact filter elements (CFE)

Cleaning units

Dedusting devices


In the food and pharmaceutical industry, every dust particle is poison in the system. High performance filter units and filter elements with special membranes to protect the production process from the smallest interference are most important. Along with the existing product range with special elements, carrier materials and apparatuses, Filtration Group also develops individual solutions for specific application scenarios.

Small dedusting units

Mixer top filters

Product separators

Central dedusting units

Cooling and process water treatment

Water is a central element in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is used as a coolant, as a washing medium or as an ingredient in chemical processes. With its products, Filtration Group covers the full spectrum of needs: from filtration of supplied water, which depending on time of year may be contaminated through environmental influences, to cleaning of industrial wastewater to meet legal requirements.


Back-flushing filters - AKO

Back-flushing filters - water

Manufacture and processing of liquids, pastes and similar substances

Automatic filter systems from Filtration Group are extremely robust, contain no consumables and are self-cleaning. They are thus ideally suited for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry to avoid manual intervention in the production process. In this way they make a valuable contribution to the protection of employee health and to efficient plant operation.

Metal-edge filters

Back-flushing filters - AF



Golden natural product without foreign particles

The processing of honey requires compliance with the German Honey Ordinance and the EU Honey Directive 2001/110. While the pollen is retained as an essential ingredient, foreign particles have to be filtered off. With our reliable backflush technology, we defy the high viscosity of the medium and ensure complete product recovery.

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Filtration of cooking oil in doughnut production

Clean cooking oil for the perfect doughnut

Our customer owns two large production lines for the production of doughnuts. During the frying process, sugar and dough residues remain in the oil and block the heat exchangers. Our AF 7383 automatic filter removes foreign particles from the frying oil, prolongs the life of the oil and cleans itself automatically. Workers and the environment are protected from the 170°C hot oil by a control box with level gauge and alarm function.

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frozen berries in a bowl

Vacuum cleaner in XXL format

In a factory where food is mixed and filled with other ingredients after freeze-drying, Filtration Group installed a SFR-09 006 dust collector that complies with all food industry standards. The system prevents the freeze-dried food dust from depositing in the production hall. This serves both the health of the employees and the protection of the machines.


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Precise separation of good and bad dust

When transporting food powders, all dust and foreign particles must be filtered out of the compressed air or the conveying gases - and this in continuous operation. Our customer produces fully automatic breather filters in which filter elements from Filtration Group are installed. The high efficiency of the filter elements and their simple assembly were a complete gain for our customer.


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Golden natural product without foreign particles

The processing of honey requires compliance with the German Honey Ordinance and the EU Honey Directive 2001/110. While the pollen is retained as an essential ingredient, foreign particles have to be filtered off. With our reliable backflush technology, we defy the high viscosity of the medium and ensure complete product recovery.

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Special solutions

Filtration Group offers all filter systems and separation systems as customized solutions. Our experts will be happy to work with you to find the version that best meets the specialized requirements in your work environment.