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SchiffInitial Situation

Working ships are constantly exposed to high loads and have to operate reliably, with a minimum of wear and without interruptions. Hydraulically switchable reduction-gearboxes ensure a reliable operation. A failure of the drive can have devastating consequences for the environment, for humans and machines on the ship. A failure or a shutdown of the gearbox would cause a shutdown of the complete ship.






Only one shared filter unit shall be installed for the filtration of the lubrication oil and the oil for the hydraulic transmission shifts. The filter unit shall be easily accessible from the outside and the maintenance has to be possible without interruption of operation. The filter unit has to be approved by the established certification offices in the marine industry.





FilterTechnical Data

- Viscosity: up to 220 mm² /s at 60 °C
- Filtration Rate: 10 μm
- Operating pressure: 28 bar






Lubrication oil filtrationSolution

The lubrication oil is filtered by a Filtration Group duplex filter of the Pi 210 or Pi 241 series with a 10 μm Premium Select filter element. Thanks to the duplex design of the Filtration Group Filters the elements can be changed at full load by a simple switch of the operating filter. The Premium Select Technology ensures high cleanliness levels of the lubrication oil and extends the lifetime of bearings. The Inline filter could be installed easily directly at the gearbox housing.





SchiffCustomer Value

Every filter was adapted to the different requirements of the different gearbox sizes. Filtration Group Premium Select elements provide an up to 30% higher dirt holding capacity at reduced differential pressure in combination with a well-defined high retention rate. This leads to significantly reduced maintenance requirements. The element change can be performed at any time, if required at full load. The operating pressure is up to 32 bar possible. The Filtration Group Pi 210 and Pi 241 Series are approved by the established certification offices in the marine industry.




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Lubrication oil filtration at the T²RECS gearboxes of RENK (PDF)